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Our birth doulas work on a call schedule to ensure you have a well-rested doula, fully present at your birth.  

We work diligently to get to know you and your needs to ensure you are supported in the way you need to be.  

We are there to support you through the entire labor and delivery process.  

Our fees are all inclusive — you will never be charged extra due to the length of your labor.

Why Work with a collective? What makes it different?

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On-Call 24/7

Since we share a call schedule, a doula is ready for your birth every hour of every day — all year long! We are on-call for your birth from the moment you sign the contract — no blackout dates or on-call periods. We never work births back to back, we never take more clients than we can handle, we never show up tired. A team of doulas that support each other can support you better!


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Combined expertise

Each doula in our collective is extremely knowledgeable. We have specialities in many areas spanning your parenting experience. From pregnancy, birth, postpartum and beyond, you can find a group or class offered by one of us to support you even further in your journey. Our individual skills, interests and talents combined means you get comprehensive support under one roof.

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NO Birth Philosophy

What do we mean no birth philosophy? At Braving, we believe that you are your own best advocate. This means we will support your birth vision and goals with absolutely zero judgement. Medicated or unmedicated, birth center or hospital, vaginal or cesarean — we will listen to you, validate you and encourage you all the same. This is your birth, your body and your baby — you know best!

Start Braving Your Birth Now!

Investment in your Journey

  Braving your Birth: $1200


  • 2 Prenatal Meetings with our birth doulas to discuss birth choices, birth intentions, and comfort measures

  • Labor Support with our birth doulas for continuous, compassionate and reliable help at your birth location

  • 1 Postpartum Planning Call via phone or video with our postpartum doulas to plan for what happens after the birth

  • 1 Postpartum in-home Visit after the birth of your baby with a birth doula & postpartum doula

  • Perfect for: all families, first-time parents, families wanting in-depth support planning for their birth experience, families trying for unmedicated births, cesarean births, families needing a little extra help during the postpartum time, families whose support network lives far away, families expecting multiples